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The MATR Treatment Guarantee


We offer a treatment guarantee which may allow a 90-day graduate to return to our facility for a refresher period. Please ask us for details!



Our program is unlike any other treatment program because we are more than just steps and as such we know that addiction is a symptom of a problem and as with any symptom will not completely heal without understanding the core issues and reasons for addiction. We offer Social Detox, Intensive Inpatient, Residential Support, and Outpatient services, allowing us to assist you in many different ways.

MATR has been helping those who suffer from addiction for over 20 years. As a veteran in our field we are committed to helping those who suffer from addiction to gain their lives and independence back.


MATR’s facility at the foot of the Manti Lasal mountains in picturesque Mount Pleasant, Utah, currently offers residential treatment beds, residential support beds and is licensed for unlimited outpatient services.