• There is Always Hope.

    MATR Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Program

    Individualized Treatment focus; providing real hope, lasting results, and being part of our family for life.

  • MATR is different

    Through years of experience, our co-founders have learned that substance abuse addiction is an attempt to avoid the unavoidable, the self. The cause of substance abuse addiction can be treated best when treatment focus is on the family and the client. We use a variety of new and proven substance abuse treatment approaches in our curricula such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, principles of hypnotherapy and Holographic Human Transformation Theory. These allow us to re-program cycles of behaviors that keep an individual trapped in substance abuse patterns.


    Substance Abuse Treatment works best when the client is taught ways of identifying for themselves their own dysfunctional views of their life that trigger their self-limiting beliefs and leads back to addiction. The human brain is an incredible computer and no one was born an addict. MATR Substance Abuse Treatment teaches the client the way to program their own brain and simple techniques for doing this.


    Believing in the whole family as a part of the Substance abuse treatment, MATR welcomes family members to participate in the treatment program. MATR Substance Abuse Treatment offers a family day monthly where families and their loved ones can participate in a healthy, therapeutic treatment environment for education in overcoming substance abuse and it’s many trials. MATR Substance Abuse Treatment continues to work with their clients and their families on an aftercare basis and believes in the saying, “There is always hope”.

  • Services

    Specializing in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Mt. Pleasant Residential Facility

    Licensed with the State of Utah for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment. JRI Certified.

    • Social Detox
    • Residential Inpatient 
    • Outpatient 
    • Trauma Therapy 
    • Prime for Life 
    • Drug and Alcohol Assessments 
    • Drug and Alcohol Testing 
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
    • Certified Peer Support Services (CPSS) 
    • Anger Management 
    • Relapse Prevention 
    • Thinking Errors

    Orem, UTAH Outpatient Office



    Licensed with the State of Utah for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment. JRI Certified.

    • Outpatient Level 1
    • Intensive Outpatient 2.1
    • Prime for Life 
    • Drug and Alcohol Assessments
    • Mental Health Assessments
    • Drug and Alcohol Testing 
    • Individual Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
    • Certified Peer Support Services (CPSS)
    • Drug and Alcohol Education Course
    • Anger Management 
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Thinking Errors 
    • Theft Course 
  • THe MATR Substance abuse guarantee

    We offer a substance abuse treatment guarantee which may allow a 90-day graduate

    to return to our facility for a refresher period. Please ask us for details!

    How We Work

    What We're Made Of

    MATR Substance Abuse Treatment offers a very unique substance abuse treatment program focusing on the individual client. Each client becomes a part of the MATR Family and as such even the owners stay open to contact with the client and their family. We care. We keep our costs to a minimum, we help find insurance for the client, we work closely with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for funding and after care as well as other religious associations.

    Our Commitment


    MATR Substance Abuse Treatment knows that it takes trial and error sometimes for an addict to learn the things they have forgotten. MATR Substance Abuse Treatment is dedicated to assisting the client in going through this process when the client struggles. It isn't an easy process for everyone, still with the commitment MATR Substance Abuse Treatment has, this dedication pays off in an outstanding success rate.

    Our Location

    A Beautiful Setting For Recovery

    MATR’s Substance Abuse Treatment facility at the foot of the Manti Lasal mountains in picturesque Mount Pleasant, Utah. MATR Substance Abuse Treatment currently offers Licensed Residential Substance Abuse Treatment, Licensed Social Detoxification and all levels of Licensed Substance Abuse Out Patient Services.

  • our staff

    For more information and to begin the intake process, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

    MATR Behavioral Health (435) 462-2781

    Janey Marvin, cHT


    Program Director

    Linda Dimmick, RN


    Medical Supervisor

    Deaun Holdaway

    Office Manager

    Prime for Life Instructor

    Margaret Christie

    Marketing Director

    Residential and Outpatient

    Amy Nagel

    Prime for Life Instructor


    Sean Nagel, CPSS, MRT

    Director of Outpatient Services

    Residential and Outpatient

    Kresta Marvin

    Intake Coordinator, Marketing

    Residential and Outpatient

  • Author Janey Marvin

    Change is not a subconscious process. if you change,

    you must consciously choose to change, and work to change.

  • What our clients say

    A few kudos.


    "...healing one's self."

    “This program can give you strength, hope, & support in ways you didn't think were there or possible. MATR provided a foundation, guidance, and education to not only me but also my family. MATR offers and encourages the 12 step programs, however also offers an alternate approach to healing one's self. MATR over exceeded! They are an incredible family that I hold very close to my heart and recommend to anyone looking for a better understanding, and a better way to live."


    "...have another chance at life."

    “Because of the MATR program, I was able to have another chance at life. They taught me the tools to be able to live life on life’s terms. I went from being a drug addict in the streets to a district manager of a very respectable company.”


    "...they helped me more in 60 days than in years of counseling."

    “I really believed that meth would be the thing that killed me. Then I found MATR, they helped me through more in 60 days than in years of counseling under the foster care system.”


    "The results my own daughter received have been a gift from God."

    “MATR is a very caring organization that is different from other substance abuse treatment programs. They focus on the client, rather than just the abuse. They learn skills via a very advanced program that has taken 20+ years to develop. The results my own daughter received have been a gift from God. She has a purpose and considers everyone at MATR as a family."


    "I began to look within."

    “Before MATR, my addiction imprisoned me in the deepest and darkest corner of the worst kind of hell imaginable. I wanted nothing less than to cry myself to sleep. Only I knew once I closed my eyes I would be able to see the monster I had become. The idea of facing this monster was absolutely paralyzing. At MATR, I began to look within. With MATR’s unique multiple-approach I began to heal myself."


    "tools to change my life."

    “MATR gave me the tools to change my life. I am forever grateful for the knowledge that was given to me at MATR. I have been clean for 7 1/2 years and couldn't be happier."


    "confidence to handle day to day struggles with strength.."

    “I got to MATR September 21st, 2016. I only planned on 30 days, just to get it over with. I recently got my 6-month completion, on April 1st, 2017. Now what I've experienced since then ain't been the easiest at the same time I now have the knowledge and the confidence to handle day to day struggles with strength and dignity. The dept of gratitude I'll pay is knowing I'm now a part of MATR family of unconditional love and forgiveness. I will do my best to represent MATR. It's nice to have people truly proud of you. So I sincerely appreciate my entire experience.
    Thank you and all my love."

    R. E.

    "MATR.. is my second home.. my ground zero.. my safe place. "

    I remember being very sick, physically and mentally broken, and disconnected spiritually. I had a list of questions about the program. Janey began to show me the Open and Closed system model. I was never so curious about something in my entire days of being. Her words pierced my foggy sense of consciousness and the idea of being able to connect to myself again through the help of this material had my attention. I went directly to my dad's pickup truck, unloaded my suitcases and kissed my mother goodbye. I took copious notes on the material and I began stretching the idea of who I thought I could become. This program showed me a path where I found myself. I recreated myself, and I continually expand beyond myself to enjoy my environment and help others. MATR.. is my second home.. my ground zero.. my safe place.

  • about our locationS

    MATR is located at the foot of the scenic Manti Lasal mountains in Sanpete County Utah.

    MATR is in a safe beautiful valley perfectly situated to the recovery atmosphere we provide for our clients.

    MATR Outpatient Services, located in Orem, Utah & DELTA, UTAH. Offering a convenient location and hours of operation.

  • Funding Options

    • We accept private pay:  MATR works to keep our treatment affordable.  We do offer package rates at a discount price when paid upon admissions.
    • In House Funding option available  https://mytreatmentlender.com/MATR.php
    • Most insurances accepted:  MATR works with many insurance providers.
    • Clergy:  We have worked with many denominations.  Clergy has been a tremendous support helping families struggling with alcohol or addiction problems.  Have your Clergy contact the facility for the discount pricing we offer them.
    • MATR Behavioral Health is a Medicaid Provider-Traditional & Targeted Adult Medicaid

    MATR Behavioral Health is a Provider For Molina Insurance

    MATR Behavioral Health is a Provider for Health West Insurance

    MATR Behavioral Health is a Medicaid Provider-Traditional Targeted Adult Medicaid

  • Contact Our Residential Facility

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Us = Awesome.

    265 N. State St.
    Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
    PO Box 31
    8AM to 8PM MST
    (435) 462-2781
  • Contact Our OREM Outpatient Office

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Us = Awesome.

    561 S Orem Blvd #J1
    Orem, UT 84058
    9 AM to 8 PM MST
    (801) 691-1280

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    520 E Topaz Blvd #109
    Delta, UT 84624
    9 AM to 8 PM MST
    (435) 864-1670
  • DOWNLOAD OUR matr app

    Aftercare Application for Clients who have

    graduated from MATR Behavioral Health.

    For those who would like to create change in their life. MATR's material is universal, helping those who struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction and more.

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